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The Phoenix

The Student Art & Literary Site of Community College of Allegheny County

The Phoenix

The Student Art & Literary Site of Community College of Allegheny County

The Phoenix

Lost Treasure of the Emerald City

“Hey Kevin, I think I found a news article that you’ll want to read about.”

“Is it about dinosaurs?”

“You bet!”

“Be down in a minute!”

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Kevin is a bright young man who adores everything dinosaurs and loves learning about them as well, so this was exciting news. Kevin came running down the stairs in a half-buttoned-up shirt and sticking up hair because he was so excited about the news. The news article read, “Dinosaur bones found in Seattle caves have been lost, if found, please return to the local museum authorities.” Kevin gave his dad “the one-eyed slant,” to which he initially paid no mind to, but then eventually caved, knowing he loved dinosaurs so much and wanted to help any way he could.

Buying tickets for two, Kevin and his father hopped on an Amtrak to Seattle where the crime took place. Along the way, they encountered such serene and remote locations as Montana and Idaho. “I never envisioned myself visiting so many beautiful locations. Glacier National Park is breathtaking and one of a kind,” said Kevin.

They arrived in Seattle and were taken to a modest if not slightly upscale, hotel before beginning their quest to find the lost bones. But before any quest could begin, there must be dinner, so the two got dinner at Cedarbrook Grille. “The food was mediocre”, said the father. I agree, said Kevin. Ironically, as they were eating, a news report of the stolen bones was playing on the background TV.

Setting off from the restaurant, they trotted back to their hotel to plan their next move. “Well, we could always try the museum and see if the bones are there,” said Kevin.

“The bones were stolen and taken because of how rare and valuable they are. It’s unlikely they’d be in any sort of museum. I suggest we look around the streets and be vigilant to any suspicious activity,” said the father.

The following morning, they set out on a widespread foot search for the lost treasure. It was a hazy, snowy day with temperatures below freezing. They asked anyone and everyone they could find whether or not they came across this mysterious artifact or the person who stole it. “We aren’t getting anywhere with this. No one here knows what the hell we’re talking about.” said Kevin.

“Success comes to those who are patient, Kevin.” said his father.

Sure enough, after hours of questioning in snowy conditions, they came upon a mysterious man who claimed to have the answer to what they’re looking for.

“Names Dirk Jameson, nice to meet you.”

Kevin began talking but the man interrupted him. “I know what you’re here for. Many others have been interested in the dinosaurs as you are,” he said. “The person responsible for the thievery is Kellie Schmidt. She belongs to an elite club known as Stargate Associates located in the outer Seattle area. I’m convinced she has the bones at the main club at 271 Rystone Ln. Crest Seattle. You’re the only one I’ve given this specific information to, and we’re counting on you to find the dinosaur bones.”

“Thanks, Dirk. I’ll try my hardest to make sure those bones are in my hands as soon possible.” said Kevin

Kevin and his father afterwards took the train up to Crest, Seattle, to investigate the location. They were flabbergasted to find the headquarters of this mysterious club was guarded and gated very significantly and if they were to gain entrance, they would have to take unusual measures.

They arrived the next morning ready to make their way into the secretive building where the prized possession was being held. At first, they tried walking in like everyone else, but they were quickly recognized by security as unknown and were thrown off the property. The members have a history of driving luxury cars, so they tried to pass themselves off as being one of “them” by renting a nice Jaguar, but they were caught, pulled from the car, and tossed from the property and told not to ever come back.

Learning their lesson from the last two encounters, they waited until nightfall when everyone, including the security guard, were gone from the premises. Logically, they assumed this was the best move and they’d get in with no problem. However, as they both hopped the gate, they soon realized they tripped a network of sensors that triggered a silent alarm. Frantically searching the grounds, lady luck found them as they came across a button encased in one of the statues that quieted the alarm.

“Whew, we almost got our asses caught back there.” said Kevin

“You don’t say….” said Kevin’s father.

Despite this brief distraction, they motioned on, looking for any way inside the building when they discovered a hidden door in a bush that led to a hidden basement and the inside of the building. The father tried prying the door open to no avail. He then searched for a key anywhere in the bushes nearby, but again failed. As a last resort, he picked the lock with a hairpin and to his own surprise, it worked, and both of them were in.

“Don’t ask why I have the hairpin, just be glad we’re in the damn place.”

They entered and the door locked behind them. As put in their own words, the basement could only be described as incredibly lavish…. and expensive.

“Jewels, Paintings, and furs abound…. It has to be worth millions. Said Kevin.

“More than that, now let’s find those dinosaur bones.”

Kevin and his father climbed the stairs and were in the main landing area of the home. Kevin went to investigate the main drag, while his father continued upstairs to the remaining levels. Searching room to room, careful not to trip any sensors or security, Kevin went searching for those prized dinosaur bones, when he heard a faint noise, as if someone had returned from a late-night get together and was having a snack before bed. He nonchalantly continued forth towards the kitchen and saw a man and woman standing there, both drunk as can be.

Making off before being caught, Kevin hid in the closet and listened in on the two’s conversation.

“Those gullible goons don’t know what hit them. When I sell those dinosaur bones, I’d have made off like a filthy animal.” said the lady.

“Hey that’s that asshole that stole those dinosaur bones. I’ll set her straight, when I steal those bones back.” Kevin thought to himself.


Her and her friend retired to bed, but as they walked by, Kevin noticed a small bag which he knew contained the bones as it was marked with the symbol “L-Saurus”. Kevin wasted no time in leaving his spot and slowly following the two up the stairs to their hideaway bedroom, where they quickly closed the door behind them. Shortly thereafter, he regrouped with his father and began planning their next course of action.

The two pried the door open slowly and were greeted to the scene of the two of them having rambunctious, loud sex. In a drunken haze, they were too distracted to notice the two, which allowed them to slip in undetected. Kevin frantically looked for the hidden dinosaur artifacts while the father stood guard off to the side. A half hour had passed, and Kevin had still not found the box containing the bones. That’s when it struck him.

“Bastards. It’s for sure under the bed.”

Tiptoeing over to the bedside, he went to bend on his knees when they snapped and made a noise, which caused the two to stop for a brief moment.

“You hear that snapping sound?” said Kellie

“I’m sure it’s just a twig falling from the tree.” said her partner, Lou.

Kevin pressed on, guiding his hands along the bottom of the floor, hoping to find the artifacts. After minutes of scrubbing the dirty floor with his hand, he came across a box. He opened the box and was widely disappointed by what was in it. It was only a couple dirty shirts, a signed baseball, and a “naughty” picture of the Mrs.’ Mere minutes later, Kevin found a larger, heavier box. He quickly pulled it out and was amazed to see it was the dinosaur bones. And it even had the L-Saurus label too.

Alarmed by ongoing noise, the couple was on high alert, but too little too late, as Kevin and his father retrieved the dinosaur bones back, and ran the hell out of there. With this act of return “thievery”, they’d planned to return them to their rightful owners, the Artifacts and Historical Society of Seattle.


The morning after, weary eyed and confused as to what had happened the night before, they readied the box for delivery to its original owners. On the rare day it wasn’t raining in Seattle, they passed on hailing a taxi, and decided to hoof it along the streets of Mulberry and Tennyson, to reach their final destination, which was a distant 3 miles away. A mile into the journey, they came across a stray dog, who nearly flipped open the box in an attempt to steal one of the bones in the box.

“Shame on you, doggo. You ought to know better than that!” said Kevin.

The dog recoiled in shame, let out a small bark, and scurried away. Carrying on as if nothing happened, they joked about the previous incident, when suddenly, a strange car pulled to the side of the curb just ahead of them. Two pale men and a woman got out of the car, and quickly approached the two as they walked towards each other, as if they were ready to brawl.

“Give me that box”

“Not on my fucking life,” said Kevin

Both he and his father took off like Speedy Gonzalez down the street, through alleyways and passageways, narrowly being caught multiple times. They could see the location where they were supposed to go, so they left their hiding location, only to be caught red-handed right outside the building.

“Now you’re done, hand it over, or you’re dead.” said the two men.

Kevin refused to listen and instead yelled for help. Security from inside the building heard all the commotion from inside and came outside to investigate the situation.

“What’s wrong out here? I hear all this chattering and noise.”

“I’m being held at gunpoint by these two crazy men who want this box containing the valuable dinosaur bones belonging to this museum,” said Kevin

“You two put the guns down now! You there, bring that box in here so you can show the museum curators and have them make sure it’s the right one.” said the security guard.

“But… we found this box… shut up, you fools, and I have a big surprise waiting for all of you.” said the security guard.

Kevin and his father entered the building and were introduced to the two curators, Mr. Langstrom and Mrs. Myers.

“Let’s see what we have here; let’s open the box and see if these are the real things or not,” said the both of them.

After careful examination, they both concurred that those were the real deal and were still in highly pristine condition.

“WOW! These are still in excellent condition, even after all they have been through. We’re completely shocked. Thank you so much for returning them. Is there anything we can do to personally thank you?”

“Well… there is one thing,” said Kevin.

The criminals who stole the bones were convicted and sentenced to multiple years in prison. Kevin and his father returned home, with a small dinosaur bone in tow.

“Thanks, Dad, for making my dream come true and helping someone else find their lost treasure.”

“I’m glad you had as much fun as I did, Kevin.”

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Brian Shivak
Brian Shivak, Phoenix Contributor
Brian Shivak was born in Pittsburgh and began writing relatively recently. Improving with each subsequent attempt, he knows what he does best and what themes suit him the most. Over the course of his newfound writing career, he has developed a keen sense of awareness and has tackled many interesting themes along the way, including even the most basic of themes such as the struggle between good vs evil and Betrayal.

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