The View of a Life

Within the view of a life stretched thin,

I see the darkness leaking within.

Emotional data erased from the files.

Into the future I can see miles and miles.


I see my life, my death, my all,

The moments I rise to the day I fall.

Climbing life’s staircase a folly of pursuit,

Nothing is gained, but all is cut loose.


Give me the tears to cry,

Give me a smile to let me fly,

Give me the clenched jaw of anger on fire,

Give me the smirk of sarcasm on satire,

Give me the beading drops of perspired fear,

Give me anything that draws me so near


To the fount of emotional outpouring I know,

Or else I shall be numb in this cold river that flows.

This cell I created to contain myself in,

To keep me secure, where loneliness begins.

And now I shall await till life turns tide.

For their my final hope does reside.